Blog LAYOUT instructions

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Blog instructions

Go to and set up a blog.

Blog URL/Wordpress user name: don’t get very creative. I highly recommend something with your real name in it. Keep it professional, please. It might serve you well later.

You can use any WordPress theme you wish, but please avoid ones with light text on dark backgrounds – they’re very hard to read.

Make sure you edit the theme so that you have the categories and tags in a separate column. Below are instructions on how to do this.

On your blog, you will have several posts and at least two pages:

  1. One page will contain all your blog posts. This should be the landing page (the one that opens up when I type in your blog’s URL).
  2. About page – WordPress creates this for you automatically. Go to Dashboard > Manage > Pages and edit your About page. Use your real name, and mention you are a student at Clemson university enrolled in a PR course. Make it clear that the blog is for the PR course. Feel free to share whatever else you wish about yourself and to add links to your twitter, facebook, linked in or other accounts. Do not link to anything you would not want a potential employer to see. In fact, do not put anything online you would not like a potential employer to see.

Instructions for setting up the category and other widgets:

  1. On the WordPress dashboard, go to Design.
  2. Click the Widgets tab
  3. Look at the widgets listed on the left. Click Add next to each widget you wish to add.
  4. Add at least the following widgets: Categories, Tag Cloud, Archives, and Recent Comments.
  5. Make sure the widgets appear in the order listed in #4. Drag and drop to rearrange them.
  6. If you wish to review more settings, click the Edit link on the blue bar next to each widget. For example, when you Edit the Categories widget, it allows you to enter a name that will be displayed as the title of your list of categories on your blog. Keep it simple, type “Categories” there.
  7. Click the gray Save Changes button at the bottom of the list of added widgets (on the right of the page)

You can keep your blog open in a separate window/tab and reload the page to preview changes after you Save them. If not satisfied, go back to the dashboard and mess with the settings until things look right.

Feel free to explore and click things. You can’t break anything. Another click will fix things right away.


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