10 great online tools for college students

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Online tools
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Via Read/Write/Web, a post about 10 great (FREE) online tools for college students. Tools for note taking, calendaring and scheduling, managing bibliographies, etc. Very useful, take a look!

  1. bcarsonclemson says:

    I signed up for google calendar because I am such a “To-do list” maker. I have never heard of it before I went to the link from this blog and I have already inserted a lot of my class schedules and events for the next few months. I like the fact that you can put things in different colors to categorize and choose specific days to show.

    I have been using Rate My Professors since first semester my freshman year. I think the fact that students just like myself at Clemson University get to judge teachers on different aspects is very helpful. So far I have found the results to be very true.

    EasyBib is another very useful tool online. I have always had trouble with creating bibliographies in the correct way.

  2. salliemckenzie says:

    I helped a friend manage his campaign to run for Clemson Student Body President last semester and we used Google Calendar as a major resource. Everyone on the campaign staff had a central location to visit online in order to view his speaking schedules, appointments, meetings, etc. as well as add in additional events for him to attend without having to make a bunch of phone calls to each other. I highly recommend it for personal and group use!

  3. lgaulin says:

    I have used many of the 10 free online tools you have listed, and the ones that I have used are great, however, sometimes I feel that adding too many online tools, makes things more complicated. For example, Google calendar seems very interesting and practical, but I already have a system for organizing my life in my planner, and I feel like it would throw me off to change my system to using Google calendar. Also, I feel like it is hard to use these online tools because I do not always have access to the internet. These tools may be good for those that have Iphones, Blackberries, etc., but I do not have access to those tools, so it might be harder to keep up with things online. Maybe I should be more open to the quickly growing technology, but as for now, I’ll just stick with my own ways.

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