Apple Inc.’s PR

Posted: August 31, 2008 in PR examples
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Photo "The First Apple Computer" by flickr user *~Laura~* used with permission

I talked in class about me being in an abusive relationship with Apple, and it seems thoughts about Apple PR are in the air these days:

Apple is a very interesting PR case study, because it’s so unique. Their PR strategy wouldn’t work for any other company, but it’s interesting to think about what makes it work for Apple. Maybe the power of the brand and the quality of (most of) the products? What do you think?

  1. bcarsonclemson says:

    I feel like the “Three pieces of bad publicity” in one day for apple just proves how hard and dynamic a Public relations job can be. PR practitioners have to think of, not only how they affect the publics in which they are communicating with but exactly what kind of message and details they send out to the publics. For example, the way Apple got in trouble for just wording the way their iPhone connects with the internet portrays the fact that being a PR practitioner does require a wide amount of research. Also, like Dr. V said in class today, the PR people must communicate with the ones who have a higher knowledge of the product and almost “translate it” for a more broad audience in a correct way.

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