PR Gaffe

Posted: September 3, 2008 in PR examples, PR gone wrong

Via Dr. David Novak, a link to a Chicago Tribune article about a PR gaffe that will crack you up!


Lesson(s) learned? Post in comments.

  1. Wow! That is hilarious. At least the athletic director took the blame and said it was his “own technical mistake.” The way he stepped up and was sincerely sorry about it makes him still seem professional. I think it’s pretty funny that, not only did one number dial the wrong party, but it dialed the worst possible party!

  2. mtpicard says:

    Too funny. Anything that is going out to the public needs to be proofed. If people are going to be dialing a number, it ought to be right! His apology was professional, but also very necessary.

  3. sgdavis6439 says:

    Wow, this article makes me wonder how long “new” director of athletic communications Leigh Torbin will be working at Central Florida. I agree with the other comments that it would be prudent to check any number listed in a news release as you would anything else prior to its submission to the public. While this incident is comical, I am sure it is not exactly the kind of press Central Florida or coach O’Leary were looking for following kickoff weekend. However, as they said on nearly every one of the ESPN blogs, at least they are not in the ACC…

  4. prprofmv says:

    I swear I heard someone once say (I think it was Liza Jones, Clemson PRSSA’s professional adviser, whom you’ll meet in class in October) that after you write a news release or media alert you should pick up the phone and call the numbers listed there, to make sure they’re correct!

  5. ashleyhall7 says:

    Poor guy! Unfortunately, mistakes happen. I think this article serves as a reminder that we really do need to be very thorough in making sure we have the facts straight, especially when our information is going out to the public. I’m quite sure that Leigh Torbin will take up the new habit of calling his numbers beforehand in the future.

  6. I think this story is funny, but unfortunate for Leigh Torbin. It’s just embarrassing for him to write down the phone number incorrectly, and for that number to be, of all things, a phone sex line. I guess he will double-check from now on. But I think it is good that he immediately owned up to his mistake and apologized for it.

  7. eemarti says:

    Hilarious! Torbin’s a human, we all make mistakes- but a phone number? Perfect example of what not to do. At least he took responsibility for it and apologized, but there’s really little else he could have done in that situation. What if he had turned it around on O’Leary? Now that would have been (horribly!) funny.

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