The PR blogosphere: RRW (Read, Respond, Write)

Posted: September 4, 2008 in About reading & writing blogs
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Anybody who’s somebody and/or would like to be somebody or just IS in PR blogs. There are lots of PR blogs out there. How do you find them and choose what to READ?

Here are some starting points:

Reading is not enough. You should also RESPOND, in comments or your own blog posts.

Here are some excellent tips on how to comment and how to invite comments on your posts, from UGA PR professor Karen Russell.

You’re reading blogs and responding, but how do you build your own online reputation? By WRITING your own blog. How? Chris Brogan wrote a number of excellent tips for better blogging, collected here. I also highly recommend the book Naked Conversations – it will teach you a lot about good blogging.

WHY? Besides the reasons mentioned in class, see:

  1. mtpicard says:

    Thank you for the advice, I’ll take it. It makes things much easier. I’m trying to pull my life together right now. 🙂 See you virtually, and personally by Tuesday!

  2. Lauren says:

    Great suggestions… I’m trying to dive it! It is all al ot to digest and sort through. I’m hoping to be better at “surfing” all of these as the week comes to a close. Your instructions have been very thorough and helpful. Thanks! I’m looking forward to learning about PR!