Meet the PRo: Paull Young

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Meet the PRo
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In class today, we chatted with Paull Young (blog, twitter), who works at Social Media PR consulting agency Converseon, in NYC.

Paull talked about the importance of networking online and how four of his Converseon colleagues were recruited via their blogs or twitter.

He also talked to us about the importance of strategy, strategic thinking & planning, and planning your evaluation before you dive into tactics.

Paull advises his clients on social media strategy, helps them start blogs and establish twitter presence, but does not write on their behalf. In fact, ghost writing is very much frowned upon in social media.

Check out Paull’s post about one of his clients, Graco. It’s an interesting case study. See also Graco on twitter.

UGA Connect 08 – Paull Young

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  1. Paull Young says:

    Pleasure talking with your class Mihaela!

    To see some of my smart young colleagues talking about their hiring experience point your students to the video at this Robert French post: