Which is the best lead and why?

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I asked each team of students to write a lead for an existing news release – and all teams did very well! Then, I asked students to pick the lead they like the best. No clear winner emerged, but here are the informal survey’s result. If you’re not in my class and reading this, help us out: Which lead do you like best and why?

Voted best by 2 people:

1. A Bolt Lab survey of 14-24 year-olds found that Pepsi and Budweiser advertisements were the top two remembered Super Bowl commercials in aided recall, while Diet Pepsi and Ameriquest tied for the lead when viewers were asked to recall commercials independently.

2. A Bolt Lab survey reveals that Diet Pepsi and Ameriquest commercials captured the most attention among Super Bowl viewers ages 14-24, although overall commercial appreciation drops.

3. Bolt Lab advertisement awareness surveys found Diet Pepsi and Ameriquest were the top commercials aired during the Super Bowl.

4. Bolt Lab surveyed over 400 students aged 14-24 and concluded that Diet Pepsi and Ameritrade tied for the most memorable commercials of Super Bowl XLII due to the connection they established with the young viewers.

Voted best by one person:

5. A Bolt Lab survey about this year’s Super Bowl showed that young viewers found Pepsi commercials the most memorable among both aided and unaided awareness.

6. A Bolt Lab survey concluded that Pepsi produced the highest aided and unaided recall of commercials among 14-24 year-old Super Bowl viewers.

7. A Bolt Lab survey of 2005 Super Bowl viewers found that Pepsi advertisements rated first in awareness and tied with Ameriquest for the top unaided favorite advertisement among 14-24 year olds.

8. According to a Bolt Lab survey of 14-24 year olds, Diet Pepsi and Ameriquest’s Super Bowl advertisements topped the list of the most memorable unaided commercial content.

9. Bolt Lab conducted a recent survey study to announce the unaided favorite ad of the Superbowl to be a tie between Diet Pepsi and Ameriquest among 14-24 year-olds, with Pepsi also leading amid the aided awareness ads.

10. Bolt Lab’s survey shows that during the Super Bowl, most viewers, ages 14-24, chose Pepsi as the most memorable aided commercial, while Ameriquest and Diet Pepsi tied for the top unaided favorites.

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    Reporters want the important facts first. I don’t like any of these. I would lead with the results, then mention that the study was conducted by Bolt Lab.