Engaging the Blogosphere

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Resources
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These links complement the lecture on Engaging the Blogosphere:

You have two blogging exercises (suggested, not mandatory – but highly recommended):

  1. How would you engage the bloggers in the Edelman Autheniticities cases?
  2. How would you advise a small, local yoga studio, an animal shelter, a small pizza restaurant, and/or a bathroom decor store to blog? Can you think of a niche and an angle? What topics would you recommend they write about? How could they engage their publics online?

[update Oct. 30]: This is the message I got last night in response to a Google Alert that someone at the Maharishi University of Management was following:

“Hello Dr. V,

I agree with your observation about the canned comments. The person who sent those isn’t with MUM… he’s an outside supporter who acted on his own.

It appears he needs to take one of your PR courses… so he can learn that his approach is actually counter-productive!


Ron Barnett
Dean of Admissions
Maharishi University of Management”

What do you think? Is that a good response to a blog post? What would you advise Maharishi University of Management to do in this situation?

  1. eemarti says:

    I thought that was a good way to handle your blog post. First of all, just the fact that they referred to you as Dr.V and talked about your PR courses is enough to suggest that they weren’t blindly replying, but actually read your post attentively and leared a little bit about you.
    Also, they took the blame off of themselves, and while they did place it on another they weren’t unnecessarily harsh in anyway (i.e. calling the outsider out by name).
    I would advise Maharishi University of Management to see if others are displeased with his irrelevant remarks and if so, quitely contact the outside supporter and ask him to a. stop or b. revise his methods of responding.
    Everyone’s so interconnected- cool!

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  3. I feel like this is a pretty good response considering he manages to reply to your comment as well as compliment you. This creates a positive relationship between you and him and also makes you aware that he has been keeping up with your posts. Also, he disassociates himself and his organization with a person who he does not agree with. In this case I would advise him to contact the M.U.M. and let them formally contact the person so it is “official” and not taken personally.

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