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Posted: November 7, 2008 in Blog instructions
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Here are a few ideas for things you could blog about, in no particular order:


  • blog about blogging – how is it going for you? What’s easy, what’s hard? What have you learned, what do you still wish to learn?
  • blog about a blog or blog post that you find good/useful/interesting – or the opposite. Explain your opinion and provide arguments
  • blog about any resources useful to people learning about PR
  • blog about a social media tool – i.e. your thoughts on twitter, digg, pandora, delicious, etc. – you can write from a personal perspective or think about how these tools can be used in PR
  • blog about ideas & theories that you hear in class that stand out to you. Why do they stand out? Why are they interesting, how can they be applied to PR, human communication, life?
  • blog about your experiences on PROpenMic
  • blog about people in the blogosphere and/or PR industry that you admire and think you can learn from
  • go out of your way, interview someone and post the interview on the blog. Interview another student, a professor, your boss at your internship, a PR blogger, etc (just not me, you need exposure beyond me)
  • blog about blogs you like to read, even if they’re not related to PR. See this nice example
  • give advice to students like you, to younger students, to people seeking internships, to people interning for the first time, to students who are just beginning to blog/twitter/network on PROpenMic
  • give advice to yourself – things you want to remember for the future, or things you would tell yourself if you were at the beginning of the semester
  • start making a list of PRinciples – what are the PRinciples you learned in this class?

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