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PR examples: Baaaad

Posted: January 21, 2009 in PR examples, PR gone wrong

We’ll look at these at the beginning of today’s class. They are all examples of using deceit (not disclosing the source of the information) for PR or marketing purposes.

Just in case anyone has any doubts about it: Hiding or lying about the source of information is an unethical, manipulative practice that doesn’t respect your stakeholders’ rights to make informed decisions about your organization or product.

We’ll also talk in class about astroturfing, or fake grassroots campaigns. In the blogosphere, the meaning of astroturfing is evolving to include practices such as those in these two examples.

Both examples are of fake viral videos, one from ReadWriteWeb and the other one from Paull Young (@paullyoung) who beat RWW to it!

See my comment on RWW.


Here are some resources that most communication students looking for internships will find useful:

The Quarterlife Internship website lists several internships in the communication professions, ranging from marketing to movie studio work. You can apply online.

The website is run by Lauren Berger (@InternQueen on twitter). She writes advice about interviewing and finding internships on her I Am Intern blog.

Check out the website & let me know what interesting internships you find there. Follow Lauren on twitter and read her blog (consider subscribing).

Do you have other internship advice or resources you’d like to share in the comments?