Another PR example: Viral video done well

Posted: January 22, 2009 in PR examples

We just talked in class about poor uses of viral videos, but here’s a good example:

We can discuss in class – or on comments you post below:

  • Why is this a good example of PR?
  • What does the video imply about PR & marketing practice?
  1. Christina says:

    i looooved that video!!! quite clever, indeed! hope all is well, i would like to pick your brain soon 🙂 talk soon dr. v!

  2. lfarm226 says:

    wonderful video! it’s crazy all of the advertisements we’re bombarded with.. no wonder people are condused and overloaded all the time.

  3. ashleyhall7 says:

    This video demonstrates why today’s PR practitioners have to research their target audiences and be creative in sending messages to them. People are surrounded by so many conflicting ideas and advertisements that they’ve become immune to them. It takes something new and innovative to catch people’s attention nowadays, which makes the work of those in public relations even more challenging.