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Posted: January 28, 2009 in Meet the PRo, Useful advice for students

[cross-posted from the Clemson PRSSA blog]

For those of you interested in finding a job or an internship (does that mean ALL?) here are some good online resources for learning how to navigate the job search process:

First, there’s Heather Huhman. You can follow Heather on twitter, read her column on and attend a live online event discussing cover letters on Sunday Feb. 8, 4 p.m. EST. Heather specializes in helping people find PR jobs and she posts lots of internships on twitter – search twitter for the #PRintern tag to find them.

Then, there’s career strategist J.T. O’Donnell (follow J.T. on twitter) who writes articles on the Career Realism blog.

Another resource is Grace Kutney (follow her on twitter) and her blog, Sweet Careers.

So, follow these people, subscribe to their blogs (here’s how to subscribe to a blog in Google Reader), and learn all you can about writing resumes and cover letters, searching for jobs, and handling yourself during a job interview.

Then, come back and share some insights on the Clemson PRSSA blog!


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