Notable student posts [past 2 weeks]

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Week's best

Read, learn*, find blogs to follow**:

* for my students who are new at blogging, note the topics and how other students found ideas of what to blog about: reading other blogs, and even textbook chapters. Or, going out of your way to bring something valuable to your readers, like Alyssa did.

** a couple of blog posts refer to Dave Fleet’s blog. Check it out, maybe it’s one of those 10 you want to subscribe to?


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while… if you’re a student in my Stakeholder Comm class, please leave a comment below and let me know how you read this blog.  Do you get the RSS feed (in Google Reader, or by email)? Do you check the URL, if so, how often?

Please leave the comment as soon as you read this post. Thank you!

  1. Cara Mitchell says:

    Hey Dr. V,
    I read this blog through the RSS feed (Google Reader)

  2. amaute says:

    Hey Dr. V! I read your blog through Google reader also.

  3. madisonelizabethfisher says:

    Dr. V,

    I also read this through Google Reader.

  4. eemarti says:

    RSS feed (Google Reader)

  5. esande says:

    I get your blog posts through Google Reader. Thanks for featuring me!

  6. Ashley Hall says:

    I read these posts through Google Reader.

  7. Beckman says:

    I read this blog post through Google reader.

  8. lfarm226 says:

    I read from google reader!

  9. lgaulin says:

    Hi Dr. V!

    I like getting emails about your blog, but I also check on Google Reader 🙂

  10. amandajernigan says:

    I swear I’ve been reading this blog!!!! I know my response is extra late but I use Google Reader!