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Posted: March 25, 2009 in Resources

For next Stakeholder Comm class (April 1) please take a close look at these Twitter accounts and note:

  • what do they tweet about?
  • what’s their following/follower ratio?
  • who do they follow?
  • how often do they tweet?
  • how transparent are they about who is tweeting for the brand?

Please list in the comments other brands on twitter that you know of or are following.

Try to decide: Who uses twitter well and who doesn’t? WHY?

[update March 26]:

This just in: Brand new report about ways that companies use twitter. Read it and read the articles linked to it, too!

  1. thevilles says:
    Top 40 Brands on Twitter

    Hope this create some discussion.

    Dr. V, if you read my post about work yesterday…please imagine the irony of seeing two major airlines in the Top 40 list. Client X is missing out or what?!

  2. David Alston says:

    Hey there, gr8 class assignment. The @radian6 account is used occasionally but primarily we use our personal accounts to listen and engage – @ambercadabra and @davidalston Also check out how we use our @radian6 favorites link 🙂

    Have fun.

    Cheers. David

  3. alliefox says:

    Another brand I follow on twitter is Carolina Cup is a horse race in Camden, SC that takes place every year. Many college students go and it is always a pretty big deal. I was surprised and excited to see them on twitter, and I also wonder who tweets for it. Following Carolina Cup on twitter is great if you attend the event because it keeps you updated on the weather, ticket prices, and so on.

    Another brand I follow is “All Good” is a music festival in West Virginia that I will be attending this summer. They sent an email to their mailing list saying they would now be sending updates on twitter (instead of email). Each time a new artist is announced to play, they put the announcement on twitter right away.

    I like following brands such as the Carolina Cup and All Good on twitter because they release tons of updates, and on twitter, it is easy to read all of these at once by simply scrolling down.

  4. Brittany says:

    The comment that thevilles left is really interesting and confirms what is being said about the importance of social media. I am actually following or have looked at a lot of those same brands listed on the “top 40.” I see their use of social media as a great (pr poor) outlet for PR.

  5. Shelley says:

    I’m following a couple personal brands on twitter (i.e. musicians I like). I watch their tweets for concert news, tour dates, and basic fan information. I’ve also looked at many of the brands listed on the “Top 40,” but don’t necessarily follow all of them. I agree with Brittany that using Twitter is a good PR tool in promoting an image or product.

  6. Meg Ried says:

    I agree with Brittany that the post by thevilles, was very helpful with this assignment! I had not really thought to follow too many brands on twitter because I thought that they would just spam me with marketing tweets irrelevant to my PR blogging and class discussions, which is the primary reason why I got the account and maintain it.

    I didn’t realize events like the ones Allie follows are twitter, that’s pretty cool!

    Two brands that I have been following on twitter are the Palm Gifts and Beth Singleton who is a SC glass artist. In the past I would only follow businesses who were local and smaller because I appreciated their entrepreneur spirit. The only big brand that I was following was Starbucks due my addiction to coffee : )

    This assignment opened my eyes to the outside world of Twitter from more of a consumer position, and I will definitely start following more of my favorite brands on Twitter to gain some of the benefits from thevilles’ post.

  7. Caitlin says:

    I follow the American Red Cross on Twitter. I currently do volunteer PR for the Upstate SC chapter, and following the national organization helps me learn more about its larger mission.

    I don’t follow any other commercial brands or celebrities because I’m not sure if their tweets are genuine or just for advertisement. I’d like to learn more about how brands use Twitter, maybe then I’ll be less cynical.


    Here is a list of adobe employees that are on twitter. It even breaks it down into different departments.

    Also, other brands on twitter (though they are mostly graphics related) but they are:



    Toms Shoes:

    I know that’s only a few, but some interesting stuff going on on those.