Community Management: Readings for Apr. 15

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Resources

In addition to reading these posts, please spend about 30 minutes on Facebook:

Identify the Facebook tactics of a couple of big companies of your choice (i.e. Ford, Target, etc.). Note how they use Facebook to interact with their publics. Note if, and how, they engage with publics, if, and how, they build and maintain communitites.

Be prepared to discuss your observations in class (can also count for PR good/bad example).

  1. alliefox says:

    It was really interesting reading the comments on “Job Hazards of the Community Manager” because we got to hear real opinions from real community managers (a job I have never even heard of before, but it sounds similar to a “social media expert” which I have heard of companies hiring). One woman talked about something I have never even thought about before- how we really do need to be careful when we are interacting with people who we only know online. She named a few bad things about building online communities, but there seemed to be many more people who thought positively about the job of community managers. I guess I don’t really know who to believe because the people who are reading and commenting on blogs are obviously fans of social media.