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Posted: May 21, 2009 in Blog instructions

So, you’re taking an online summer course in Principles of PR (PRinciples). You’ve ordered the textbook, and once it arrives it will be a useful resource. However, if you want to learn about PR, there’s more to it than the textbook. There’s a lot going on in the PR world online, and it’s all accessible to you – for free.

So here’s a brief introduction to the online PR world. Take a dive in this semester, so you can see for yourself what PR people do and think about.

A lot of PR people keep professional blogs. You can learn a LOT about PR by reading PR blogs. I recommend that you go out on your own and find interesting blogs, then write on your own blog on PROpenMic to tell us about your online discoveries. To get you started, go to my professional blog, PR Connections, and scroll down to find the blogroll on the right side. Start by reading regularly 3-5 of those blogs. Subscribe to them in Google Reader, so you get each new post as it is published. This semester, you will be required to read blog posts and comment on them. Here’s some advice about writing a good comment.

A lot of PR people hang out on twitter – that’s why I asked you to set up a twitter account. Twitter is a wonderful way to meet PR people and to network with them. So go ahead and set up a twitter account for yourself, and read these posts to help you get started. Once you set up your account and learn how to use it, I’ll help you find people to follow on twitter.

This semester, I’d like you to get not only book knowledge about public relations, but also to network with PR pros online, and to learn hands-on from their experiences. Then, you’ll use your blog on PROpenMic to share with the class what you’ve found online, what you’ve read, and what you’ve learned.


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