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Posted: May 22, 2009 in Blog instructions

Here’s some more detail about what I expect you to write about on your blog for COMM 355:

a.    Online discoveries & resources – These kind of blog posts link to interesting blogs, blog posts, PROpenMic discussions, and any other interesting PR-related content, tools, and resources you discover online. In addition to linking to the content, provide a brief description of what it is and a brief argument why it is useful to PR students. Use these blog posts to document your online engagement described in points 1-3 above. Here are examples that my students wrote last semester:

b.    PR examples – whenever you identify examples of PR, write about them on your blog. Describe what happened, and evaluate it: Was it good or bad PR? Why? Provide links to relevant material and related online conversations. See how PR student Erin Sanders did it last semester.

c.    Other – you are welcome to write other posts about public relations (your thoughts, reactions, responses, etc.) – just make sure they are insightful and useful to other students. To see examples, browse the blogs linked in the blogroll on the right, or see Madison Fisher’s blog (btw, she is the  Clemson PRSSA – Public Relations Student Society of America – president)


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