Public Relations Ad

Posted: June 3, 2009 in PR examples

In the previous post (video) I mentioned the difference between product (marketing) advertising and public relations advertising.

Here is a timely example of a public relations ad, scheduled to start airing today on TV.

(If you need a bit of context, it’s about GM declaring bankruptcy.)

See also this interesting post by Shel Holtz (twitter) about GM’s online communication strategies.

  1. Ashley Turner says:

    That is a brilliant strategy. I was thinking to myself, “I believe them! GM is so smart!” Because of this advertising strategy, I honestly want to root for GM and buy a car when they’re done re-inventing, regardless if I need one or not.

    I went to Shel Holtz’s blog and was happy to see that I was not the only one excited about their campaign. He seems to be backing them every which way and sticking up for him when other people are saying that they shouldn’t do this, they shouldn’t do that.

    I mentioned this post and commercial to my friends and both of them were like, “I think it’s stupid. It’s stupid to go bankrupt. I don’t believe them.” Yada yada yada. I think that other companies are going, “Man! I wish we could go bankrupt!” GM is basically starting “at chapter one” and can go greener and greener and people are going to be excited. I think that this re-invention is going to garner a lot of interest in their cars when they start producing them again.

    Love the post, Dr. V.