Media Relations readings

Posted: June 5, 2009 in PR Tips, Resources
  1. The Pitch That Cried Wolf – reminds you that you have to have NEWS
  2. Making of a Media Darling: A Simple How-To – tells you how to pitch when you have news
  3. What All PR People Should Know about Journalists – know your audience!
  4. Back to Pitching Basics – the ingredients of a tailored pitch
  5. How to Send a Personal E-mail – great tips

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  1. Ashley Turner says:

    First of all, sheesh! That last blog was kind of snippy. The message that I got out of that was the last one: Just because you have my email address doesn’t mean you have the right to email me. It just kind of makes me think that what’s the point in all of the other tips? The last one just ends on such a harsh note.

    The first one, The Pitch That Cried Wolf, I liked that writer. The first blog made me think of Paris Hilton. Since she’s *always* posing for pictures, any time a photographer sees her out and about, they usually pass on the pictures. So with pitching a story, I got the message that you better make sure your story isn’t fluff.

    I love the third one, mainly because of its title…(watch “Dirty Sexy Money” at all? The name of the rich family was the Darlings). But that went hand in hand with the first one in that after you make sure your story is more than just “vapor,” time it right so it makes the biggest impact (Twitter helps a ton with this).

    But my favorite to read was the third one, What All PR People Should Know About Journalists. I was considering being a journalist once, so reading this was interesting. It’s nice because the writer is trying to explain everything about a reporter that matters (and man, does he know a lot!) yet he’s doing it in a way that shows respect; you can tell that he respects reporters just from the way he’s wording things.

    I might actually subscribe to a couple of these blogs; I enjoyed them.