Posted: June 14, 2009 in Resources

As promised in the lecture, here are some tools you can play around with to monitor online conversations and analyze sentiment for free:



  • The easy way to monitor blog conversations for free is to use a search engine that searches only blogs – for example, Google Blog Search. (Similarly, you can use Google News to search for news. Clemson has been in the news lately, check it out.)
  • Google Alerts – You can very easily set up an alert and Google will send you an e-mail every time a certain topic of your choice (say, Clemson) is mentioned in the news. This can also be delivered to your RSS feed reader instead of your e-mail. You can use Google Alerts to monitor news, blogs, group discussions, even online videos. Awesome tool – and it’s FREE!
  • Technorati – is another famous blog search and indexing service. Try searching the blogoshpere using Google Blog Search and then Technorati, using the same search term (i.e. Clemson). Note if the search results are different, and if so, how.

If you want to learn more about PR measurement and evaluation:

  1. Katie Paine says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Let people know they should follow me on Twitter as well: @kdpaine, and we have all kinds of info, particularly about measuring PR in Higher Ed institution at http://www.themeasurementstandard.com
    use the search engine to find “Does your university make the grade” and “BMOC stands for Big Measurement on Campus”

  2. Ashley Turner says:

    WHOA. Clemson is mentioned so much on Twitter, I didn’t even realize it until I typed it in the search bar. This might be why I didn’t know Clemson was so well-known around the nation; I don’t access social media to their fullest potential.

    I also didn’t know about using GoogleReader to subscribe until you mentioned it in one of these posts. I have subscribed to a couple of blogs (like you requested): The Bad Pitch Blog and this blog. It’d be better if I used Google or Gmail more, which I don’t. I’m addicted to my Clemson web mail, maybe I can link the two…?

    Technorati does seem very useful. I typed in Clemson University and a good bit popped up, even something about our rankings possibly being rigged. Nice and depressing. I’m going to try and use Technorati for our discussion on PROpenMic about PR examples. Off I go!