How to succeed in TECH 621

Posted: September 8, 2009 in Social media advice :), Useful advice for students

You may feel a bit of information overload and a bit of confusion about TECH 621. This is normal, because this course probably is very different from others you have taken.

You are trained to succeed in your typical course, but may not be sure how to tackle this one. Here’s some help:

To succeed in TECH 621 you need to create a set of social media habits.

You need to do certain things regularly, just like you brush your teeth, drink coffee, etc.

Here are the social media habits that you need to succeed in this course:

1. Keep up with your RSS feeds

Aim to clear your feed reader daily. Skim all posts, read a few, comment on a few. Please sign up for backtype so I can keep track of your online blog comments.

2. Save & Share useful info

Share with the class and with the world whatever you believe is interesting/important, from our class perspective. Share on twitter and save on delicious if you need to use it for your final project or for the class wiki. Remember to use an URL shortener when sharing links on Twitter (a few good choices:,,; there are many more).

3. Use Twitter

Use it whenever you can. I understand you’re not at your computer all day long, like I am, but aim to use it at least once a day. Use it to get a grasp of Twitter culture.

Share links, thoughts, talk about what has your attention, engage in conversations with others. Use it just for the sake of using it – because that’s how you learn the social norms of Twitterville.

Note that you can use twitter from your phone, even if it’s not a smart phone, but please be sure not to exceed your plan’s number of text messages.

4. Blog

Aim to write at least 2 blog posts every week: one on a required topic (class readings), the other on an elective topic.

Of course, you also need to keep up with the class readings. There’s no way you can do all this unless you learn to skim. I’ll teach you how in class, and in a different blog post.

And finally, one more word of advice:

Give it an honest try.

If it’s clear that you are trying honestly and trying hard, you’ll come a long way. Meeting deadlines is one way to show you’re trying honestly. There are others, you can brainstorm in the comments section of this post.

Questions? Want to know why I ask you to do these things? Comment below or e-mail me.


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