Social Media Mentoring

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Social media advice :)

A student in TECH 621 got my attention about adopt a blogger, one of the projects of the Social Media Club.

So, since this is a very small class (5 graduate students) I thought it might be worth while to launch this question out there:

Would you be interested in being one of my students’ social media mentor this semester?

Out of my five students, four are graduate students in Computer Graphics Technology (4 Master’s, 1 Ph.D.), and one is studying for a Master’s in Public Health Administration.

They are all new to using social media professionally. They have just started their professional blogs and twitter accounts, and the course requires social media immersion.

It is my belief that social media is a bit like a foreign country – there are social norms and codes of behaviors, and it is less intimidating to travel there with a guide, or mentor. You know this country. Their job is to learn about it.

If you were a student’s mentor, you would commit to answering questions by Twitter or e-mail, reading the student’s blog and advising about it. See the blogroll for student blogs.

So, are you interested?


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