Wikinomics, Crowd Sourcing, Wisdom of Crowds

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Assignments
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The readings for week 8 were about how new groups form, and what types of structures they acquire. Next week ‘s readings delve deeper into how these large groups work. As you read, any of the three books, try to understand:

1) What is the phenomenon we’re looking at? What is: mass
collaboration, peer production, crowd sourcing? Be able to define, describe, explain it to others.

2) How does this phenomenon work? What are its guiding principles?

3) In what aspect of society does this phenomenon occur, where (else) can it
be used?

4) What is one illustrative example? (don’t be predictable & use the
one from ch 1; search a bit deeper in the book)

Read chapter 1, the last chapter & two other chapters of choice from the book you pick. Please read these parts closely, and try to grasp specific ideas. Browse as much as you can from the rest of the book.

In class, be prepared to explain to the people who didn’t read your book, what your book was about. As you read, think about how you will teach the main ideas from your book to others in the class.

As always, blog your takeaways, and write 2 other blog posts on other topic relevant to class. If you have never done a new tool review, try one. Sidewiki from Google might be a good one to look at.


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