CGT581 Case study leaders

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Assignments

If you look at the syllabus, you’ll see 6 sessions in need of case study leaders:

Feb. 16 – Social media for communication

Feb 23 – Social media for cooperation

March 2 – Social media for collaboration 1

March 30 – Social media for connection

April 6 – Leadership 2.0

April 13 – Privacy, security, information assurance

You need to post a comment below and pick one topic for which you want to be case study leader.

Here’s what’s expected of a case study leader:

  • Bring to class, present, and help the class discuss, about 3-4 case studies that illustrate the actual use of social media by a real organization. The case studies should fit the topic, and they should emphasize the use of various social media tools. It is possible for a case study to focus on the use of one tool: i.e. wikis.
  • The case studies should help students understand the use and application of specific tools to solve certain kinds of organizational problems (the kinds are determined by the topic of the day).

I’ve got some useful links saved up in my delicious account, which you may use, or you can find your own.

  1. Kyle Wiedman says:

    I’ll take Social Media for Connection

  2. Huijun Suo says:

    I would like to pick up Social media for collaboration 1.

  3. bfutterman says:

    I’ll take “Privacy, security, information assurance”…and not just because it’s the last one…

  4. srenick says:

    Social Media for communication please!

  5. kmbaldau says:

    Leadership 2.0 for me

  6. I will take Social media for cooperation.