Midterm exam review

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Here are the main topics that will be covered on the midterm.

Please ask questions and post possible exam questions in the comments below.

Organizational theory approaches:

  • Taylorism
  • Bureaucracy (Weber)
  • Network theory
  • Complex systems/chaos (*)
  • Organizational culture

History & Definition

Web 2.0 O’Reilly – defining principles of Web 2.0

McAffee’s definition of Enterprise 2.0 – ESSPs

Adoption of innovations articles

UTAUT model

Can you discuss a couple of factors that influence the adoption of technology?

Social media for cooperation – social bookmarking; file sharing; network effect – importance of tagging & folksonomies(*)

Social media for communication and collaboration – collaboration framework, the role & importance of the elements.

  1. Scott R says:

    Potential Questions

    Given a hypothetical enterprise situation, how would a given organizational theory apply?

    Discuss a situation where social media enables enterprise 2.0 to better communicate, collaborate, etc.

    Hypothetical situation about social media adoption in enterprise. Discuss (a given number of) potential barriers to adoption.

    Which principles of enterprise 2.0 according to O’Reilly do you agree/disagree with and why?

  2. More questions to potentially use, even though the midterm is tonight.

    What are examples of Web 2.0 features that expanded the Internet’s capabilities compared to Web 1.0? How do they relate to principles of Social Media?

    Give an example of an ESSP. How does it expand on concepts of collaboration and cooperation?