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Posted: September 2, 2010 in Assignments, Useful advice for students
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Below is a list of journals you can browse so you can choose the four articles you will review this semester. If you find an interesting article in a journal that’s not listed here, that’s OK.

My recommendations are that:

  • you browse the table of contents for the most recent 4-6 issues of several journals. Looking at the tables of contents will give you an idea about what kind of research is being done. Save the articles that look interesting to you, and pick your four from among those.
  • If you find more than four articles that are very interesting, make a bibliography list and publish it in a blog post.
  • Pick your four articles from four different journals. This way, you will be exposed to a wider research landscape.

You will need to access these journals through the libraries’ databases.

Journal of Usability Studies

Proceedings of SIG CHI conferences

Computers in Human Behavior

Human-Computer Interaction

International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

Behaviour & Information Technology

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

Interacting with Computers

Universal Access in the Information Society

Cognition, Technology and Work

Journal of Collaborative Computing

Journal of CSCW and see also Proceedings of CSCW – Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Journal of Organizational and End User Computing

You can see more journals and conference proceedings, and browse their table of contents on the HCI Bibliography website.

Journal of Digital Information

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