Article Analysis Calendar GGT 512 Fall 2010

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Assignments
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Here is a spreadsheet which you can sort by name or date.

Please keep the spreadsheet up to date: Every time you post an Article Analysis, link from the date on the spreadsheet to the corresponding blog post.

I will not be able to keep updating the table below on my own.

First Name AA1 AA2 AA3 AA4
Brittany 9-Sep 23-Sep 7-Oct 21-Oct
Duskie 13-Sep 20-Sep 27-Sep 4-Oct
Hanjun 11-Sep 18-Sep 25-Sep 2-Oct
Innfarn 18-Nov 2-Oct 16-Oct 30-Oct
Marcus 10-Sep 17-Sep 1-Oct 5-Nov
Michael 20-Sep 7-Oct 21-Oct 4-Nov
Na-Ra 8-Sep 22-Sep 6-Oct 20-Nov
Becky 3-Sep 1-Oct 22-Oct 17-Nov
Sanghyung 15-Nov 29-Nov 13-Oct 27-Oct
Sarah 15-Sep 30-Sep 21-Oct 4-Nov
Stephen K. 16-Sep 7-Oct 21-Oct 11-Nov
Stephen W.
17-Sep 1-Oct 15-Oct 29-Oct
Vanessa 16-Sep 7-Oct 14-Oct 11-Nov
Bill 10-Sep 1-Oct 22-Oct 12-Nov
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  2. korash says:

    I have realized that my AA1 & AA2 dates are incorrect here, Dr. V. I have changed those to Sept 15 & Sept 29 from Nov 15 & Nov 29 in the spreadsheet.