Assignments for week 5

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Assignments, Resources
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You have 3 main objectives to accomplish during week 5 of the semester:

  1. Learn about nanoHUB.
  2. Create a list of items for the card sorting exercise.
  3. Get CITI certified.

Please see below details and resources for each of the 3 objectives:

1. Learn about nanoHUB

(Individual assignment)

  • Go to Bb > Readings > Introductory materials for nanoHUB and download the Word file. The nanoHUB team have prepared these introductory materials for you. Please read and watch all the highlighted items. Access as many resources as you need to, until you have a clear understanding of what nanoHUB is, what is its purpose, what are the available resources, and what is the structure.

2. Create a list on items for the card sorting exercise

(group assignment, except for the reading part)

  • First, read Tullis Ch. 9. Make sure you understand card sorting. (individual)
  • Put together a list of items from, that can be used in a cart sorting exercise. Each item would go on one card. Create the list in a Word file. For each item, include the name, and a brief description of what the item is. Try to make the list comprehensive. Work with your temporary group to create this list. Prepare one list for each group.
  • Post your list on Bb > Discussion > Card Sort List. Please identify all group members in the message.
  • Check back and compare your list with those of the other groups.

3. Get CITI certified

(individual assignment)

  • Orient yourself a bit on the website for Human Research Subjects Protection at Purdue.
  • Create an account on the CITI website and take the test for Group 5 to become certified to work with human subjects.
  • Print a pdf or a screenshot of your CITI certification and email it to me. If you’re already certified for Group 2 or Group 5, you only need to perform this step.
  • (Note: if you anticipate doing research with human subjects in the future, you may take Group 2 instead of Group 5. I will accept certification for either group.)
  • If you are not CITI certified, you cannot proceed with this class and need to withdraw.
  1. swoodall says:

    I noticed on the nanoHUB site when I joined, there was not a CGT 512 group on the list of groups. So, I created one. I hope that is all right.

    Also, I am “managing” the group and adding requests to join as they come in. This is so only our classmates join and not a random person, (not saying that a random person would, but just in case.)

  2. Mihaela says:

    There is a CGT 512 group, but I see now I had set it to private, so it-s not discoverable. That’s fine, we can use the one you created.