This week in interesting blog posts

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Blame it on jetlag: I can’t sleep, so I took some time to go over my unread RSS feed items. Here are some links from the previous week that you may find interesting:

Oh, and I have to post this one… even though it may not be directly related to usability, it’s got to be one of the more unique lost pet signs out there.

  1. hanjunxian says:

    I thought you were linking to this page when you talked about lost pet signs:

    I kept laughing when I read it last week 🙂

    • Mihaela says:

      That’s hysterical, I remember seeing it some time back on Facebook.

      • swoodall says:

        I love the email conversation back and forth with the cat poster design. I could not stop laughing at work, and I definitely got some weird looks as I try to explain the greatness that was this link. Thank you.