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Here are some highlights from this week’s blog posts written by class members:


  • Becky posts some thoughts and questions about the readings – while this is not a class requirement for now, it is excellent practice for a number of reasons: It lets me know what she has or hasn’t understood and helps me figure out what questions I need to answer; It lets me know that she’s done the readings – which is good PR for her 🙂  What do you do to let me know you’ve done the readings? Blogging and class participation are two obvious options – please take advantage of them! (hint, hint, after this week’s class – my sixth sense tells me quite a few of you didn’t read… )


Check out these blog posts and others – and remember to comment, it is part of class participation. Right now, I think only a couple of people are on track with this class activity (you know who you are,  and if you have questions  – email me!).

I will try to post weekly digests to help you manage reading blog posts, though I cannot replace a good RSS feed reader…