Don’t Suck at PowerPoint

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Assignments, Resources
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These days, it is fashionable to use slides with lots of images and little text. Though it is fashionable, it is not always effective, because visual learners will understand/remember your points better if they can read the words.

For presentations that you won’t deliver in person, this is especially important. Even though you will be recording audio over your slides for your final presentation, you can’t be sure that people will take the time to listen. So, can your slides stand on their own, without your voice-over, and still communicate effectively? That’s quite challenging, but feasible. Here is an example that accomplishes that:

[Update: One additional tip for not sucking at powerpoint is to proofread your text, something the above presentation occasionally fails at.]
And this is an example of what your bio slide could look like:
  1. hanjunxian says:

    I agree on most of the points made in “5 shocking design mistakes” but putting a logo on every page is actually not a very shocking mistake in my opinion because sometimes this is enforced politically.

    • Mihaela says:

      Placing a logo on every slide is a common “branding” practice. I don’t think it will go away (although branding can be done through color schemes and other, more subtle, visual elements) – but, a big omnipresent logo is annoying to the audience (too repetitive) and a loss of valuable screen real estate. So, maybe be more subtle about it, and make it smaller on all but the first and the last slide?