Don’t forget the usability issues

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Assignments, Resources, Useful advice for students
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Remember that, the end-goal of conducting usability testing doesn’t stop at timing how long it takes users to accomplish tasks. Ultimately, we need to identify usability issues: aspects of the site’s design, organization, functionality that presented problems to users. Here is where your observations and the interviews provide useful data.

Make sure that, in addition to detailed and clear presentation of usability metrics, as discussed in my previous posts, you identify and explain usability issues. Your report should make it clear to the reader what aspects of the website presented problems.

You can identify major issues for each task, and have a separate section where you list the usability issues, and make recommendations for fixing them. Remember to be very specific about what the issue is and what your recommendations are.

When presenting this information on slides, I recommend placing each issue and recommendation on a separate slide. The slide could look something like this:

Screen shots are helpful here. If a screen shot refers to a specific URL, make sure you write the URL at the bottom of the image, so it’s visible and maybe even clickable. If you use screen shots in the slides, then you will need 2 slides per issue (one with the screenshot), and another one like the one above.


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