I know that one of the most difficult challenges of your final report and presentation is figuring out the most effective ways to communicate data. It takes scientific precision, artistic creativity, and great communication skills. It should be a fun challenge for graduate students – but, at this time of the semester, it gets quite painful, I know…

Take a break, watch the video below. It will remind you that there’s power and joy in data visualization:


Oh, and… never mind Power Point. Here’ the new requirement for your final presentation! /badjoke.

  1. korash says:

    The power of the animation with the help of Augmented Reality in 3D is beyond description. Sometimes, people do not know how much effort do we need to put on the presentation materials or documents when deliver the data.

    People who concern or care about data representation in depth put all his efforts to think about the format and the method of delivering data. The color, size, position, font type of the legend and the title of x and y-axis. This takes sometimes more time than the data collection work. In order for audience to know the effectiveness of presentation, the level of effectiveness and efficiency should be always above the audience’s expectation.

  2. Mihaela says:

    yes – I forgot to tell people to hold on to their jaws when watching this video! I know my jaw dropped!

    This is another aspect of user-centered design, isn’t it? Representing data and information in ways that communicate clearly. Can we bring this to the way we present our research? It’s a different challenge I wanted to present to you all in this class.

  3. George says:

    Well Mihaela,
    Thanks for sharing this creation, of unprecedented sofistication: Science fiction keeps bugging me (so there I said it), even though it is not…rather applied science. What gregat times do we live.

    THanks again, G.