TECH 621 – Research Focus: The Social Internet

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Courses
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Changing gears again on this blog. This semester, it will be dedicated to my graduate social media research seminar, TECH 621 – Research Focus: The Social Internet.

TECH 621 students: Please follow this blog (subscribe by email or RSS feed reader) for announcements, assignment descriptions, resources, and tips.

Outside readers, you’re welcome to follow along and contribute. Here is the course description:

TECH 621 simulates an interdisciplinary think tank environment where students identify research questions and examine the impact of social media and social networking technologies on various aspects of society, business, culture, communication, web experience, and interface design.

The course integrates immersion in social media with consideration of several theoretical perspectives from diverse fields. Students complete an original research project customized to fit individual or team interests. The course encourages theoretical and methodological diversity.

During the Spring 2011 semester, the class will have access to proprietary online monitoring software for collecting and analyzing data.


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