Assignment: Social Media Adoption and Uses Presentations

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Assignments
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The topic of next class is social media adoption and uses. Small groups of no more than 3 students will give brief presentations (12-15 minutes) on a topic of their choice related to social media adoption and uses. You need to use Twitter to coordinate and figure out who is working with whom, and on what topic.

My requirements are that the following topics related to social media adoption get covered:

  • social media adoption worldwide at the individual level
  • social media adoption in the U.S. at the individual level
  • social media adoption worldwide at the enterprise level
  • social media adoption in the U.S. at the enterprise level

When it comes to use patterns, motivations for use, and user behaviors, I leave it up to you to define your topic, based on your own interests. Pick an interesting, but narrow topic. Keep in mind that you cannot cover EVERYTHING about user behavior on social media in a 15 minute presentation.

Start by doing some research. Browse the resources I posted for you on Blackboard. Look at the reports, and the reports available on the websites I linked to. Come up with some ideas about presentation topics, share them on Twitter, narrow them down and negotiate them on Twitter, and take it from there.

The presentations will be graded out of 3 points, which come out of your small presentations and assignment points (see the syllabus). Be sure to cite your sources in the presentation. The resources I posted on Blackboard are starting points, but you will need to find more. Use data from more than one report in your presentation.

The challenge here is two-fold: Using Twitter for coordination and organization, and delivering clear, informative presentations that extract interesting information from several available sources.

Please ask questions about this assignment in the comments below. Once you have decided your presentation topic, post it in the comments below.

  1. msvanessab says:

    I think I’m confusing some of the information slightly.

    Is each group doing a specific topic from the information above, or is each group supposed to be covering everything in their respective presentation?

  2. Mihaela says:

    Each group is doing a specific, narrow topic. One group is NOT supposed to cover everything.

  3. King Moses says:

    Is my blog viewable? I have set it up….It is….maybe I’m not doing this blog and Twitter thing correctly…

  4. King Moses says:

    The topic I have decided on is Integrity and Security of Social Media Sites. I believe that I am in a group with Rachel S. and her topic is Internet Crime. Is this okay?