Plan for remaining 5 weeks of class

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Announcements, Assignments
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Following class discussion, here is the plan for the remaining 5 weeks of class:

  1. April 5 – Internet culture. Please figure out the order and length of presentations, so that class flows well. Discuss on Jack’s blog. Presentations will be graded out of 4 points. Details below.
  2. April 12 – The Dark Side. This will be another crowd-sourced class. Use this Google Doc to plan it. Graded out of 3 points.
  3. April 19 – Wild cards. We’ll discuss interesting readings that didn’t fit in anywhere else in the class. Have a suggestion? Email it to me. The final project draft is due then.
  4. April 26 – Final project presentations. Graded out of 2 points, coming out of your final project points. Details in a separate post about your final project.

Grading criteria for presentations:

  • Presentation is informative and well-informed. It is based on research and sources (even if not scholarly), not purely on personal opinion and personal observation. It mentions and cites sources appropriately.
  • Presentation is thought-provoking. It raises questions and issues above the obvious and stimulates the audience to think about presentation topic.
  • Presentation is entertaining and pleasant. The use of visual aids,  and the presentation style are smooth, pleasant, and entertaining. Let’s not bore each other to death.  Perform a bit.

Questions? Please ask Dr. V in the comments below.


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