Assignment: Final Project Presentation

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Assignments

April 26, in class

Graded out of 2 points

Please follow this structure for your presentation:

  1. Briefly explain the topic and its relevance (.33)
  2. State the purpose of your research and your research question (.33)
  3. Present your most important results (1 point)
  4. Discuss the importance and relevance of your results – what contribution to they make to what field? Who should care about them and why? (.33)

To receive all the points for one section, make sure the content is communicated clearly and effectively.

Please make sure that:

  • The content on your slides is LARGE and visible
  • You do not cram too much text on one slide

Each student has about 6 minutes for the presentation. Please be very mindful of this time limit.

[UPDATE:] Please prepare your slides so that they tell your story even if you are not there to narrate it. Provide carefully-selected text on them. Submit them on Blackboard. I will post them on slideshare or otherwise share them with Radian 6. I want them to see what interesting work you’ve done with their software.

Final Project grading reminder:

Literature review – 5 points

Research plan – 3 points

Draft – 3 points

Presentation – 2 points

Final project – 10 points

Total: 25 points

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  2. lewilliams says:

    Dr. V,

    I was somewhat confused about the grading scale; on this post it says that the Draft is worth 5 points, but the post before this says it is out of 3.

  3. Mihaela says:

    Laura, the draft is graded out of 3 points. This was a typo here, fixed now.