Social Media Research Seminar Syllabus Fall 2011

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Courses
  1. Alex Vernacchia says:

    Here is the URL for my blog:

  2. hanjunxian says:

    It’s Hanjun here and I am going to stick to my wordpress blog created in your last class. The URL for my blog is:

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  4. Sapan says:

    Here is mine, I promise I will write most future blogs in English!

  5. genxrecon says:

    Mary here, hacking my way through the social media jungle…
    My URL is

  6. xincindychen says:

    Hi, this is Xin. My blog URL

  7. quincy01 says:

    Hello, Its Quincy and my blog URL is

  8. cookleyphoto says:

    This blog MAY go down over the next couple days because I am changing hosting, but it shouldn’t.

  9. quincy01 says:

    Yes, I know. I am still making changes. Thanks for looking out!

  10. fredvgreene says:

    Hello, My name is Fred. My blog is located at

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