Assignment: Social media adoption & uses presentation

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Assignments
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Coordinate and prepare presentations about social media adoption and uses.

Students or student teams will create & deliver the presentations. You need to make sure all the following topics are covered:

  • Social media adoption
    • in the U.S.
    • internationally
    • at the individual level
    • at the organizational level (Enterprise 2.0)
  • Social media uses
    • in the U.S.
    • internationally
    • at the individual level
    • at the organizational level (Enterprise 2.0)

This does not necessarily mean you will do 8 presentations. You can combine and organize topics as you wish. You also need to determine the order in which you present, so that class flows logically.

Some resources for this presentation are available on Blackboard. Other resources are available on delicious. As you find reports and statistics, please bookmark them on delicious and tag them with the following two tags: “TECH621” and “report” – in addition to whatever other tags you wish to use.

Please find and bookmark 1-2 useful reports as soon as possible.

To coordinate and organize the presentations, you will use Twitter. Please check often and respond/participate. You cannot use email or phone to organize this class. You may meet or use whatever communication means you wish to prepare the presentation itself.

The presentation will be graded out of 3 points. All team members will get the same number of points, unless you notify me of any issues. As I evaluate your presentation, I will look for the following:

  1. Content is informative and interesting.
  2. The source and methods (including sample) are explained. Statistics without information about the samples they come from are meaningless.
  3. Presentation is clearly organized.
  4. All content on slides is clearly visible (one topic per slide; limit the amount of text)
  5. Sources are cited as information from them is used.
  6. Presentation style is coherent, well organized, loud enough, and professional.

Questions about this assignment? Please ask in the comments below.

  1. I suppose I could just look in the syllabus, but when will these presentations be made?

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