Final Project Topic

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Assignments

It is time we start a conversation about your topic for the final project.

First, remember that your final project has to be or include original research with/about social media. Most students will write a research paper, but if you would like to negotiate a more applied topic with me, please bring me your idea and let’s discuss.

I’ve talked to many of you one-on-one about topic ideas already, but I would like to have a written record of your topic.

So, write a blog post.

In your blog post, explain:

  1. The topic you want to address in your final project. Explain it enough detail so I understand.
  2. What about the topic you want to research? From what perspective?
  3. Draft some research questions.
  4. Explain who should care about your research and why. Who will find your findings useful, and why?
  5. Explain how this research is related to your larger interests and/or life goals.
  6. Questions – make a numbered list of questions you have at this point.

I will read and comment on your blog post, and we will engage this way in a conversation that should result in a refined, finalized topic and research question(s) by September 29, when your topic is due.

The submission of the topic itself is not graded. However, you cannot proceed with your final project unless you have an approved topic posted by September 29.

You may want to become familiar with Radian6 and Visible Technologies before you decide if you’d like to use them for your final project. Please make sure you learn about them by watching the videos. I will let you know as soon as the test accounts are ready so you can start experimenting.

As a reminder, here are your deadlines and point assignments:

  • Topic & RQs: Sept 29
  • Research plan: Oct 13 – 3 points
  • Literature review: Oct 27 – 5 points
  • Draft: Dec 1 – 5 points
  • Presentation: Dec 8 – 2 points
  • Final: Dec 12 – 10 points
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  2. Quincy Clark says:

    Again, I can’t thank yo enough for your blog posts. They really help to keep me organized.

    I meet with you on Monday the 26th to discuss our final project in detail. As you requested I will demo Radian6 before our meeting.