Reflection: Internet culture presentation

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Class notes
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Please remember to write a blog post reflecting on the experience of preparing, delivering, listening and commenting about the Internet culture presentation. I will assign your grades for this presentation after I’ve read your reflection.

Please reflect on the following three topics:

  1. collaboration – What was the collaboration experience like this time? What worked well, what did not? What could you have done differently? What do you wish others had done differently?
  2. Internet culture – The presentations helped you get a glance into some aspects of Internet culture. How is knowing about Internet culture relevant to you and your scholarly work? How is this information useful to you? Make it yours.
  3. backchannel – Reflect on the experience of having a live backchannel during the presentations. What was it like for you as an audience member? What was it like for you as a presenter? Did it enhance the experience of the presentations or distract from it? If both, how so? When would you use a backchannel and when not? What research questions do you have about backchannels?

Many conferences use backchannels. It is important to be familiar with this experience. It will help you connect with many people on Twitter at conferences. In my experience, there have been times when the backchannel was more interesting than the presentation! 🙂

Also, please remember to:

Questions? Comments? Other thoughts? Please let me know, or at least let me know you’ve read this post by rating, liking, disliking, etc.

  1. Quincy Clark says:

    Hi Dr. V,

    I really enjoyed the Internet Cultures presentations. I will blog about my final project as soon as we finalize the details of the project.