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Posted: October 20, 2011 in Assignments
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For each of the 5 articles, write a blog post that follows this structure, more or less (OK, more, rather than less):

  1. Full article citation in APA style, linked to full text if full text is available online.
  2. Purpose of the research: Explain what the authors set out to accomplish.
  3. Methods: Explain, very briefly, what methods the authors used to accomplish the research goal.
  4. Main findings: Summarize the main findings
  5. Analysis: Write your own thoughts about the article. You, could, for example, address some of the following: What does this article mean to you, is it useful or not for your research interests and current/future projects? What are the main things you wish to remember about this article? What are some of the limitations of the article? What directions for future research does this article suggest to you? Etc.

Keep them short, concise and very clear. The purpose of these RAAs is to expose each other to research we would not otherwise read or even hear about. So, make them quick and easy summaries that others can read to get an idea about what other social media research is out there.

In addition to writing these, make sure you read your classmates’ article analyses – comment on them so I know you read them.

Please make sure your RAA’s are tagged and categorized as “Research Article Analysis.” It would help me if you begin the title with: RAA# (where the actual number of your RAA – first, second, etc.).

Apologies for not posting this sooner – and shame on you for not asking me 😉


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