Dark side and Wild Card classes

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Announcements

Remember that this Thursday you’re presenting on a topic related to the dark side of the social internet.

Let’s tentatively plan to present remotely (but don’t get out of town yet).

Please use comments to this post to propose & discuss ideas for the Wild Card class on Dec. 1. It is your class, I am open to all ideas.

  1. genxrecon says:

    For the Dec. 1 class, I was thinking it would be interesting to discuss the academic publication and conference community that surrounds social media research. This might include learning more about the key journals – types of articles that get presented in each (their “tone”), as well as the “don’t miss” conferences to attend.

    We could also add a discussion about the typical types of research methods that are often used in this discipline, as for me – that has been a personal challenge to sort through. This might provide us with a guide for future research projects we might undertake.

    Finally, we could attempt to discuss the “key people” leading research in social media topics; in other words… try and find “Yoda”…

    Just a few thoughts… open to doing anything though…

    • I like this idea. I think we’ve talked about a lot papers. It’s time that we summarize and get a overall picture about key conferences, methods, and people.

    • hanjunxian says:

      I am going to agree with all you said. It will be great to wrap up with some guidance for us who may in the future do research in this field. But how can we organize the class to make it so informative?

  2. Quincy Clark says:

    Fantastic suggestion!

    We might organize the lecture to include topics such as:

    1. Qualitative research methods
    2. Key journals
    3. Conferences
    4. Scholars in the field
    5. Overview of the filed (social media, social networking, etc.)
    6. Possible research topics

  3. Sapan says:

    I thought I left a comment earlier…
    It would be interesting to learn more on graphic research methods of social media, like graph mining, or is it graphing mining?
    And the topic on socialgram is quite interesting too, would be nice to learn more about that.

  4. I’d love to talk about social media and politics, but I don’t know how much interest there would be in that topic. I’d also be curious about more about social capital and information gathering costs.

    If you all want, I can also check with Spurlock’s about reserving some space if we’re interested in meeting in that type of setting (I know some people that work there).

  5. Mihaela says:

    We can go to a bar if that’s what you all decide, but please don’t make me lecture in a bar… We can chat and reflect on things, but can’t really work-work.