Assignment: Social media adoption & uses presentations

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Assignments
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The next time we meet (you) students will give good presentations on topics of your choice related to numbers about social media adoption and uses. I posted some sample reports on Blackboard that you can use for inspiration and a better understanding of what fits in as a topic or not. You can speak broadly about social media adoption worldwide, or narrowly about teenagers and social media privacy in Thailand. But you have to present credible and reliable data and cite your sources!

It is up to you all to decide what topics you will present, in what order, and how long each topic will take. Plan to use a total of 125 minutes of class but divide them as you wish. Please use only Twitter to make these decisions collectively.

Once you have established a topic and found a team mate, you can collaborate with that person using whatever tools you wish (no restrictions).

Here are my suggestions and requirements:

  • The presentations themselves must be informative and well delivered. Please work on making clear slides that are clearly visible. Do not cram too much into one presentation. Less content that we can follow and understand is better than information overload. Organize the information clearly and make that organization visible to the audience. Speak up. Do your best to deliver what you think is a good presentation. You will learn that presenting is one of the most important skills in life – use every opportunity you get to practice it!
  • Each person is required to speak.
  • Try your best to collaborate with someone you do not already know. Try some networkING. It is enriching.
  • Cite your sources. One of the points of this exercise is for us to know what sources to cite when we need social media statistics.
  • Do some research before you commit to a topic. Make sure the data is available to you before you decide to present it!
  • Ensure to the best of your abilities that the data is credible and that it was collected through valid and reliable methods.
  • Explain in your presentation where the data comes from – what methods, what type of sample and what size. For this kind of information we are looking for statistically representative samples.
  • Avoid talking us through an existing infographic. Combine information from more than one source. Adapt it to the visual medium you are using (slides). Be cautious of infographics that do not disclose their methods and samples.

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