Class notes: Week 2 – Definitions

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Class notes
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We spent most of the time in class today breaking down each of the 3 articles about definitions of Web 2.0, SNS, and Enterprise 2.0, respectively:

  1. 7 principles that define Web 2.0
  2.  a 3-point definition of SNS
  3. a new definition of E2.0 as ESSPs – Emergent Social Software Platforms

I then offered my working definition of social media:

“Online communication platforms that simultaneously support both public and personal communication.”

In the process of breaking down each article, we identified several fundamental concepts related to social media, such as:

  • blogosphere
  • trackback & permalink
  • echo-chamber
  • RSS
  • Long Tail (it’s called a Power Law curve, I remembered)
  • API
  • mashup
  • folksonomy

Then we tried to put the ideas back together by figuring out how they relate to each other. We arrived at a diagram of the entire thing that I didn’t take a photo of, but it basically showed Web 2.0 encompassing everything, SNS being a part of social media, and E2.0 intersecting with both social media and SNS.

So, what did you learn in class today? What you learned may be about the content, or about how the content applies to you and your work, or about the process of reading and learning in general. Let me know by blogging about it.

  1. annerstark says:

    The discussion of the fist article made me wonder if I made a mistake taking this class. When we moved into the discussions on how it all fits together and building on each other’s ideas, my learning style was functioning at a high level. I took more away from the last 2/3 of the class than from the first hour. I learn best from interacting with others. Class last night reinforced that fact for me. However, I am grateful to have the context provided by the first article.

  2. Mihaela says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I was aiming for more of the discussion part, but it was awfully quiet during the beginning…