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I was used to only academic writing, where imaginary mean, anonymous reviewers scrutinize every word and comma and reply with snarky “constructive feedback” that hurts the core of your being and ruin your self-esteem.

But I really wanted to blog.

I wanted a platform for daring, unfinished ideas. A platform for fun, for experimentation, free of the absolute need for academic citations.

Writing the first few blog posts was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. You put yourself out there – no citations, no proofreading, and EVERYONE can see!!! They will kill me!

They didn’t.

The worst that happened is, I got ignored.

The best – I got interesting comments, new ideas, or notes that some of my posts have really helped people. Yay!

Writing honestly, without the protection of the academic article formula is scary. It is because you dare to be vulnerable. Brenee Brown says that we admire vulnerability in others but we hate it in ourselves. Yes, being vulnerable is scary. But it is brave.

Really, watch this video:

So, listen. I know you’re nervous. It’s normal. We all are. I need you to be nervous and do it anyway, so you can understand what it’s like to be a blogger. So you can appreciate other bloggers’ courage. So you can meet friends, block trolls, and help each other. In the end, more good than bad will come out of this – even if the only good thing is that you get to understand blogging culture a bit.

This is as safe as it can be. You have a community of friendly readers. You have a safety net.  Be brave, jump in. I won’t let you drown. I promise.

Dr. V

Want to know more about the culture of blogging and blogging writing style? Check out this book, you’ll read it in a couple of hours.