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Posted: September 5, 2013 in About reading & writing blogs, Wordpress help
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As I am reading your blogs, I feel the need to remind and/or educate you about a couple of very basic things:

  1. Linking. Link from text, like this. Don’t just paste URLs in. They’re ugly. According to Tim Berners-Lee (don’t know who he is? Google and find out!!!) URLs were never meant to be seen.
  2. Widgets. Use widgets to customize your wordpress theme. Show your tags and categories on the side bars.
  3. Settings. Go through them. See what’s there. Customize. Turn on liking and rating for posts and for comments.

Don’t be lazy. Figure out WordPress. There is a lot of detailed information out there. Use it.

You can also watch these screencasts I created a long time back about some wordpress basics. The dashboard looked a bit different then, but it’s the same idea. I made them for my liberal arts undergrads who were scared of technology. You are taking a PhD level class in Technology. You can figure this out. Just try, please.

I don’t think you need this kind of help, but here it is, just in case. 🙂

  1. ainemedoyle says:

    Thank you for that information, its a good help to know the key tools to focus on improving. Looking at the website I was unsure of what the starter tools are in order to develop the blog.

    I had attempted to add a link as you mentioned but it didn’t work and I wasn’t aware of the URL etiquette! I will try to figure out what I’m doing wrong and investigate Tim Berners-Lee!

  2. dougpruim says:

    Just curious, do you have a personal “rule of thumb” or general range of how long you prefer blog posts to be?

    • Mihaela says:

      There is a lot out there about this question… See for example http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/18470/How-to-Write-the-Best-Blog-Post-EVER.aspx, but ignore #7 :). I don’t think good writing is a matter of total number of words as much as conciseness and readability.

      CONCISENESS – avoid “fluff.” Make each word count. Imagine each word costs a quarter. Say what you need and try to save money. That’s good writing practice, in general. See Robert Lanham on writing style.

      READABILITY – for the web, readability often means scannability. Can your message be understood at a glance? This is often a matter of formatting: short paragraphs, lists, bolded words, headings and sub-headings.

      I believe these two are important in any kind of writing. I try to practice them in scholarly writing, too.

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