Posted: September 9, 2013 in About reading & writing blogs
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One of the things that makes blogging difficult is the fear that we are not experts and we don’t have any “blogworthy” wisdom to share. As a result, we get blogger’s block and we don’t blog at all…

One of the main reasons why I ask you to blog is so that you feel all these feelings associated with blogging and therefore understand bloggers and blogging culture a bit better.

While I sympathize with the feelings, I really want to make sure you don’t think about each blog post as a masterpiece. It isn’t. It shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes on a blog post. If it has your attention and you are thinking about it, and is related to class, it is interesting and you should blog about it.

Or tweet. Please see some older posts about the very same topic – and see how the advice I gave to those students can be help you, too:

You’ll see that you are not alone. Most students experience this apprehension at the beginning of the semester. It is important that you move past it.

If you don’t know what to blog about this week, may I give you an idea? How about you blog about Twitter. Ask questions, or give advice to classmates about anything Twitter related. How you found people to follow, or maybe a short list of people they should follow, a story about how you engaged on Twitter with someone you didn’t know, or how you manage to remember to log in and tweet… Or any other tips or questions that come to mind.

  1. eddyzhuo says:

    Thank you for the post and links, I think this happen to everyone when they start blogging or tweeting. Overcome the fear with a community of helps!

  2. eliallameh says:

    Dr. V. you are a very supportive teacher! I’m so thankful about that. BTW, your blogs from 2011 were helpful.

  3. Mihaela says:

    Thank you, Eli. I think we ignore the emotional work of learning and trying new things. I think of myself as a person who asks questions and provides support. Then, you do the learning. 🙂 Inspired by http://www.ted.com/talks/sugata_mitra_build_a_school_in_the_cloud.html, among others.

  4. miranviews says:

    Thanks. I felt something again!