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Posted: September 23, 2013 in Assignments
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Next week is dedicated to Internet culture. Please prepare brief presentations that can help others understand a small aspect of Internet culture. First, read my post about Internet culture to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

  1. Pick a part of Internet culture you are familiar with. If you’ve never heard of Reddit, you probably won’t be able to get a real feel for it in a week. Make sure you have some first-hand experience with the topic.
  2. Use references to back up your presentation. For this one, the I Can Has Cheezburger network might be a valid source. But this doesn’t mean you should avoid scholarly research like the plague, either. 😉
  3. Don’t try to cover everything. Provide a brief orientation. For example:
    • what is this thing you call LOLcats?
    • what are the main landmarks in LOLcat culture? we can has a bit of history?
    • what are some of the main values or shared meanings in LOLcat culture?
    • what mistakes should you avoid so you’re not immediately labeled as a n00b? What is a n00b anyway???
    • show pictures
    • keep in mind the class screen is small, so make everything BIG
    • ONE idea per slide, please

Overall, Internet culture is irreverent, and it tries to be free, non-hierarchical, humorous. So, don’t take yourself too seriously with this presentation. It’s OK to have some fun, but don’t be offensive.

You can use any social media you wish to coordinate topics. Your grade will include the quality of the presentation and the coordination work. You need to work in a team. If you do not participate in social media coordination until the day before, the class has the right to leave you out, and you lose presentation points.

A good place to start would be to brainstorm topics: LOLcats, 4chan, rickrolling, Leet (1337), or cultures associated with a specific medium – e.g. Tumbler, Vine, or Instagram.

See below a brilliant presentation on YouTube culture (no, I do not expect you to pull together a feat of cultural anthropology in a week):

  1. annerstark says:

    Because we can use whatever social media we want to coordinate, I recommend we use the comments section of this blog. Why? The conversation is all in one place. The conversation is not hidden by or interrupted by other conversations as one might see in, lets say, Twitter. Thoughts?

  2. dougpruim says:

    I like the idea … we may have to ‘invite’ people several times in several ways so that everyone gets the message. Perhaps even a “direct message” through twitter and/or an email? Just some thoughts… Also, if everyone else jumps on board here … we should click the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” box below to keep on top of all new thoughts.

  3. eliallameh says:

    I agree! Thanks a good idea to keep track of comments!

  4. kanrawi says:

    Nice location to coordinate.
    I currently have no idea right now. I have too few experience in international Internet culture. Most of my experience are in local SNSs, which should not that useful. I’m going to collect more experience.

  5. strahmb says:

    That sounds good. Since we have to do a lolcats topic anyway, I volunteer to work on that one.

  6. ajstark739 says:

    Aine stated (via Twitter) that she was interested in presenting on Imgur, Memes and Reddit. This is a topic I am interested in also.

    • ajstark739 says:

      We probably need to narrow.

    • ariadnacaixach says:

      I’m interested in Memes, too. I sometimes follow in facebook 9gag, likegag… so I think it’s interesting to know more about memes and all.
      I believe that Bitstrips should be interesting, too. But I don’t know if it’s really a topic or good topic… What do you guys think?

      • nkrammes says:

        I think Bitstrips are interesting (and fun), but I hesitate to say there is an established culture on the site and within the community. It’s not that old, so I wonder if there has been enough time to establish norms, behaviors, etc. I don’t use it a lot, so I could be mistaken. Just some thoughts…

        • ariadnacaixach says:

          Yes, I agree with you now. Bitstrips are relatively new so to made a topic only of them could be difficult… Maybe a good idea would be just to mention them as a new curiosity… So, I’m thinking that perhaps focus on another topic like memes would be the best option!

      • ajstark739 says:

        We could look at he culture of memes. Different places to locate them and the “rules” for using them.

        • ariadnacaixach says:

          Really good idea, Adam! Talking about locations, rules and I maybe add the reason,”willingness” for using memes would be a very interesting topic. I’d like to know more about it!

  7. annerstark says:

    Is the culture of a Twitter # or a FaceBook page too narrow of a topic? I am thinking #SADoc (doc students) or #SAFit (fitness focused in my field) or the FaceBook page Student Affairs Runners? Outside of those ideas, I could learn the culture of MapMyRun in a few days…

  8. annerstark says:

    There was a brief conversation on Twitter about the time length for each person. One suggestion is 7 minutes, another is 6 minutes. I recommend we stick to 5 minutes as before. First, we have less than a week to prepare and practice. The length of 5 minutes allows for overages, breaks, and quality discussion time at the end of class. Others are welcomed to join the discussion.
    Simply reply to this comment to share you thoughts on length of time per person for this presentation.

    • ariadnacaixach says:

      I agree with you, 5 minutes lenght is ok. Then we have time to discuss or analize the interesting aspects!

  9. maribelhda says:

    I’m interested in video-sharing websites: youtube vs vimeo. Does anyone want to join me?

  10. nkrammes says:

    I’ll present on the culture of Wikipedia and what it means to be a Wikipedian.

  11. dougpruim says:

    Trolling through this post and through Twitter, these are the groupings that I can find. You can change these as necessary, but I figured I’d pull some info together for these 5 minute presentations:

    SNS in other cultures: Emma and Kanrawi
    lolcats: Brendan and Doug
    Imgur, Reddit, Memes: Ariadna, Adam, and Aine
    Wikipedia: Nick
    video-sharing websites and instagram: Maribel and Luciana
    Doc/Fitness/Student Affairs niche SNS group: Anne Stark

    Still waiting: Eli, Dede, ??? (I’m not sure who else is left in the class)

  12. eliallameh says:

    Thanks Doug for the summary. You always make our job easier. I’m interested in video sharing and Instagram.

  13. archntech says:

    Ooops, just saw the action here! Thanks for the summary indeed Doug! Litte update:
    Instagram (foto and video): Maribel, Luciana and Eli.

  14. ddjohn says:

    I want to look at the culture of posting comments on blogs. Anyone is interested in this topic? Any takers? Is everyone is a group as yet? Just learnt that the coordinating was happening here.

  15. ddjohn says:

    well in that case i”ll join the wiki group.

  16. dougpruim says:

    Alright, all. I think we have all found a group. For the next order of business, does anyone have suggestions/preferences as to the order of presentations?