Week 1 Class notes – Fall 2014

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Class notes
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Welcome, Fall 2014 students!

Please find here some notes about the first day of class and reminders for things to do by next class, Sept. 8.

We talked about the course and the course topics and showed our interest for each topic by “voting” for our own top 3 on the white board. I’m saving the image here so we can go back to it if needed later in the semester.


We introduced ourselves and found that we have a very diverse group of students from all around campus. Neat!

Finally, we talked about the initial motivation for the course – that of understanding the aspects of society that have been deeply changed by social media. The course topics are selected to illustrate this theme.

Here is the to do list for next class:

  1. Read the articles posted on Blackboard and fill out the reading notes.
  2. Fill out the worksheet with your own personal online identity management plan.
  3. Set up your blog on wordpress.com. Learn how the blog works, learn the difference between post, page, tag and category. Create the categories mentioned in the syllabus so you can easily categorize your posts later on.
  4. Set up your twitter account. Remember what we discussed about (a)nonymity. Make an informed choice.
  5. Go to the wiki page on Blackboard and paste the links to your blog and twitter account.
  6. Set up your RSS feed reader (e.g. Feedly) and subscribe to this blog and to all class members’ blogs.
  7. Follow me (@mihaela_v) and all class members on Twitter.

Optional, but highly recommended:

See older blog posts I wrote that can be useful to you in this class:

(Note how my links are done: They are from text so you don’t have to see the URL, and they work. Please follow this example when linking from your blog posts. Readers should not have to see the URLs. Also bad practice: “click here.” Provide enough meaningful information so the reader knows what is on the other side of the link. This is called information scent.)

Questions about any of this? Please ask in the comments below.


  1. esidnam says:

    Looking forward to this class! Also, I just saw this research from Pew. It might fit with our discussions on the “dark side” of social media later, so I thought I’d share: http://www.pewinternet.org/2014/08/26/social-media-and-the-spiral-of-silence/

    • Mihaela says:

      Yes, I saw the alert a few days before that it was going to come out… thank you for the link, I forgot to follow up and see the actual report. Can’t wait to look at it. You can blog your takeaways and comments about the report if you would like – if you can beat me to it! 😉